"Enriching Children's Lives...One Ticket at a Time"

Tix 2 Kids, Inc.

Tix 2 Kids, Inc. is Colorado's leading ticket donation organization. We meet the changing needs of ALL children through charitable ticket distribution and enrichment activities. We promote positive experiences and equalize opportunities for all children, with the ultimate goal being the creation of quality family time.  What does this mean?

·       Children engage in the arts, sporting events, and Family Nights Out; all possible by donated tickets and gift certificates. ·       Positive experiences encourage them to have positive role models and fulfill their duties as productive members of society. ·       Providing youth with the opportunity to develop their character, achieve academically and improve skills that will enable them to become successful adults. ·       Cultural events are opportunities for youth learning and growth. Under served children are the most limited to cultural events.
You can Register with Us, Donate your Tickets and Help Local Children in your community!
 We are a 501(c)3 Registered Charity. GREAT Tax Deduction! Tix 2 Kids, Inc. is committed to actively promoting an anti-discriminatory environment for all children, families, staff and volunteers, regardless of their ethnic background, culture, religion, gender, sexual identity, disability, family status and social class.


Our Mission​